Blogging Is Hard: A Lament

Blogging is hard. Plain and simple. The fact that some of you do this daily or for a loving baffles me. But I applaud and envy you. Lend me your secrets.

I’ve had so many good ideas for posts, but I find it hard to get me schedule set. Originally I told myself Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pretty slow day for me in terms of tasks, and I can usually guarantee I”ll have the apartment to myself.

Then wedding season started.

Taylor, also known as Boyfriend, is in two back to back weddings in a few months. Very cool, very exciting, very expensive. One wedding has him purchasing a bespoke suit and traveling to NOLA for a 5 day bachelor party. The next day he worked from home, and we spent the day together after the time apart. No blog post that Tuesday, but Thursday came through.

Then I started my internship.

Despite the fact that I’ll primarily be working Mondays, I started on a Tuesday. The day was long, but it went well. I’m either very good at Social Media engagement or very bad. To be determined. I came home too tired of the internet to post, and frankly out of ideas worthy of a quick 15 minute write up. No post that Tuesday either.

Meanwhile I’ve been living on an avocado and bacon diet.

Yesterday I had a couple ideas for a posts, something to win the people over. Coming in red hot with the DIYs. Two of these ideas went up in (almost literal) smoke, another is a work in progress, and the last is a Spa Day post. That one will either go up this weekend or, fingers crossed, in its regularly scheduled slot. Until then I continue the lament.

So here’s the question: How do you manage finding time to blog, or even worse, writer’s block (blogger’s block?)? Do you struggle at all? What do you do to maintain a presence even when there’s an absence?

I know a lot of you Tweet, but Twitter has never been my thing, and in a way I’m thankful it’s one less network I have to stress over. I’ve yet to add a link to my Instagram  bio (which is my personal account) as I don’t need everyone at home to know I’m not living the lavish lifestyle I sometimes project.

I’m here, WordPress and blogosphere, waiting for advice that I’m eager to take. How did you find your groove in your site?


4 thoughts on “Blogging Is Hard: A Lament

  1. I think staying on top of blogging is a never ending battle. Sometimes it’s great, but other times it’s a struggle. I do find that having a set schedule of posting days helps, but rather than writing and immediately posting, I work on them throughout the week when I have time. Then the posts are scheduled to go up on time. With that being said, I do totally miss some days- perfect example, no video for this Sunday.

    I’m trying to post on Instagram everyday and use the stories to stay connected. I totally get what you mean about not wanting your family in on your blog. I never had a personal IG account, but when I started my blog one, I didn’t go following all my friends/family or any of them actually!

    I struggled a lot at the beginning with my blog feeling consistent and well, like you said, getting in the groove. Honestly, I think it just takes time and practice. You learn what works for you only by trying lots of things. Good luck. You’ll figure it out!

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      1. If you want to have a presence outside of your blog, I think it’s a good option. My Instagram is quite small, but I still get referrals to my blog, so that’s nice. I say give it a try 🙂

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