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Heck Yeah I Bullet Journal!

Allow to first and foremost to apologize to all….four of you, that I didn’t post on Tuesday. I’ll never do it again (this week).

It may come as no surprise to you that I, a white girl who likes facemasks, am also a bujo junkie as we like to call ourselves on Instagram. There is very little in my life that keeps me sane and vaguely organized. That’s where bullet journaling has been a lifesaver. I have literally everything in there down to my own mother’s birthday, which I will never remember.

For those of you who have somehow missed one of the Internet’s fave new crazes, bullet journaling is simply fancy journaling. Or it’s relaxed planning. It’s a to-do list, planner, journal, mental health tracker all in one. The true beauty of the bullet journal is that it can be as much or as little as you’d like, and there’s no wrong way to journal. Some people will tell you that you need a key, an index, or a cryptext to get started, but I like to tell those people to shove it. For one, I don’t have enough going on each day to warrant a different symbols for appointments, blogs, and whatnot. Find a system that works for you and run.

Layout inspired by Insta user @courtski_ann

Yeah just look at those mismatched colors.

This is the weekly spread I’m working with this week, which so far I really like. It needs a little tweaking on the right hand page, but overall its’ good. I’ve found the key to being happy with your bujo is to never look at someone else’s unless you want basic layout inspiration and depression. And I’ll say it again, with italicized emphasis.

Do not look at someone else’s boju unless you want to get depressed.

My basic supplies are as follows:

  • 4.5’x3.5′ dot lined notebook. This is the gold one in the featured photo. I love the size, but it’s a bit too tiny. It fits in all my bags with no folding, no problem, but I can’t fit 30 days on a page without sacrificing my header. The pages are also just so Laura Dern thin. Bleed-through happens with just about any marker. [x]
  • 5.5’x3.5′ Moleskine Ruled Cahier Journal, the pink in the featured photo. While the lines aren’t my favorite for journaling, this size is basically perfect. A whole month actually fits on one page with decoration. This one doesn’t quite fit in my smallest purse, but that’s not a problem. I got a lot of bleed through with this notebook as well. [x]
  • EK Tools Journaling Pen in .45mm. This pen is a game changer. Very rarely does it bleed through , unless I’m pushing down through five pages, and the thickness is just thin enough for small lettering, but still legible. I want ten dozen. [x]
  • Memento Dual Tip Markers in Ocean. I want to love these markers so badly. I love having the optione between the soft flexible tip for script writing and the thin pen tip, but guys. These markers bleed. They’d bleed through tar. I rarely use the thicker tip, so it’s kind of a waste. They write very well, but if I’m only going to use the pen tip, I’d buy a blue ballpoint and save myself the money. [x]
InkedIMG_1611_LI (2)
My “Hello August” Page

What are your favorite journaling supplies? With my journals being so small, they barely last two months assuming I don’t add any extra pages for book and job tracking. I’d love to hear your tips or recommendations. Share your fave brands and products below!


2 thoughts on “Heck Yeah I Bullet Journal!

  1. This is so cool! Ive recently been looking at bullet journals and wanted to start my own, and seeing your post about yours is a huge inspiration for me to give it a go! Love it!


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