Long Drawn Out Sigh

It’s one of those blog posts.

I recently moved to Los Angeles from Ohio, and let me tell you, it’s as glamorous as it sounds. I can’t find a parking spot on my street. The nearest grocery store is expensive as heckie. I keep forgetting to get more toilet paper. Oh yeah, and I’m unemployed in a very expensive city.

Needless to say I’m a little annoyed. Roll credits!

If you clicked the standard “About” page, you already know that I’m looking for that sweet M-F gig with a desk and coworkers that I like, but don’t really want to hang out with. The dream life. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy sleeping in to my heart’s content. It does wonders for my skin.

So, Maggie. What is your plan?

Thank you so much for asking. I’d love to get into marketing and/or communications. I’ve got the background, and it’s something I enjoy. Currently I’m getting SEO certified, which basically means I’ll know how to Google. I want to get my Masters.

And I have a very, very….very long Excel spreadsheet with every job I’ have applied for over the last two months. Please don’t ask how long.

But basically that’s it. That’s the plan. Get certified. Get the job. Get a french bulldog. I might have left that last part out earlier.



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